Cambridge and India have well over 100 collaborations and partnerships, many forged over decades, others more recently.

Moscow skyline

Building the future with BRICs

17 Feb 2012

A major conference examining how the emergence of Brazil, Russia, India and China as leading world powers should be accommodated by the international...

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Palm leaf manuscript

‘Picture This #10’ – The Perfection of Wisdom in 8,000 lines, University Library

16 Nov 2011

The Perfection of Wisdom in 8,000 lines is the oldest dated and illustrated Sanskrit manuscript known worldwide.

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Sanskrit manuscript dating from 997 AD

Powerful words

09 Nov 2011

Ancient manuscripts that hold important clues to India’s intellectual and religious traditions will be the focus of a new study.

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Indians and Europeans share a milky past

09 Sep 2011

Cambridge University researchers have discovered that lactose tolerant milk-drinkers in India and Europe could be related to the same person who...

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Ghana forest

Sparing or sharing? Protecting wild species may require growing more food on less land

02 Sep 2011

Separating land for nature and land for crops may be the best way to meet increased food demand with the least impact on wild species.

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Hearts' empath

High-risk hearts: a South Asian epidemic

30 Jun 2011

Why is heart disease increasing at a greater rate in South Asia than in any other region globally? Large-scale population studies in Pakistan and...

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India’s new brand of colonialism

25 May 2011

The plight of Binayak Sen, the Indian public health expert recently bailed from prison on controversial sedition charges, is symptomatic of the...

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Flag of the United Nations.

Global politics on the agenda at Hay

22 May 2011

Ahead of her talk at the Hay Festival, Dr Amrita Narlikar, Director of the University of Cambridge's new Centre for Rising Powers, discusses how...

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Men display their scars after kidney removal

What price a human kidney?

14 May 2011

A public talk at Cambridge University on Saturday will draw attention to the growing illegal trade in human organs and invite discussion of the...

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United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland

Power in the balance

11 May 2011

A new research hub dedicated to the study of emerging powers and how different nations evolve to become leading political forces on the world stage...

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India religion

Divine innovation: the economics of religion

24 Mar 2011

Religious organisations in India are diversifying their ‘business model’ to maintain the loyalty of their followers and attract new devotees.

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South Asian studies in the age of globalisation

17 Mar 2011

The Centre of South Asian Studies fosters a vibrant University-wide research community whose interests span the societies of India, Pakistan...

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