New technologies and strong academic-industry partnerships have the potential to change the face of therapeutic medicine.

Testing time for stem cells

23 Oct 2014

DefiniGEN is one of the first commercial opportunities to arise from Cambridge’s expertise in stem cell research. Here, we look at some of the...

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Scientists take step towards drug to treat norovirus stomach bug

21 Oct 2014

An experimental drug currently being trialled for influenza and Ebola viruses could have a new target: norovirus, often known as the winter vomiting...

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Taking a shot at Parkinson’s

15 Oct 2014

Just one shot of dopamine cells derived from stem cells could be enough to reverse many of the features of Parkinson’s disease for decades – and the...

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Stem cells: master builders, drug testers, immortal elements

01 Oct 2014

Today, we commence a month-long focus on research on stem cells. To begin, Professors Austin Smith and Robin Franklin discuss how Cambridge...

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Cancer Core Europe: institutes unite across Europe to tackle cancer

26 Sep 2014

Launched today (26 September), Cancer Core Europe brings together six cancer centres – including the Cambridge Cancer Centre at the University of...

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Salmonella bacteria

Why live vaccines may be most effective for preventing Salmonella infections

18 Sep 2014

Vaccines against Salmonella that use a live, but weakened, form of the bacteria are more effective than those that use only dead fragments because of...

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Tomatoes on the vine. Banner image: Day 124 - Tomatoes, by Nina Matthews via Flickr.

‘Tomato pill’ improves function of blood vessels

10 Jun 2014

A daily supplement of an extract found in tomatoes may improve the function of blood vessels in patients with cardiovascular disease, according to...

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Body builders: collagen scaffolds

04 Jun 2014

Miniature scaffolds made from collagen – the ‘glue’ that holds our bodies together – are being used to heal damaged joints, and could be used to...

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NICE approves MS drug developed by University of Cambridge researchers

28 May 2014

A new drug based on decades of research at the University of Cambridge has today been approved by the National Institute for Health and Care...

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Functional nerve cells from skin cells

22 May 2014

Research will make the study of diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s easier, and could lead to personalised therapies for a variety of...

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Cell nucleus before and after treatment with Remodelin

'Remodelling' damaged nuclei could lead to new treatments for accelerated ageing disease

01 May 2014

Scientists at the University of Cambridge have identified a key chemical that can repair the damage to cells which causes a rare but devastating...

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Discovery of new structure of cell’s communication channel could aid drug development

28 Apr 2014

The structure of sodium channels – which play an essential role in the functioning of heart and nerve cells – are different than previously believed...

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