Crime and punishment: a 19th-century love affair

30 Apr 2013

The violence of everyday life in 19th-century Europe – including murder most foul, handsome bandits, wicked women and huge crowds at executions – is being revealed in all its bloody detail by Cambridge University Library.

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China's "leftovers" are rejects in a man's world

28 Feb 2013

In China, hysteria is growing about a rising number of so-called “leftover women”, who are highly successful but remain unmarried. A new study suggests that the country’s traditional, patriarchal society may be to blame.

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Women and children flee South Sudan

The war on terror is a war on women

08 Oct 2012

In a lecture this Thursday (11 October), Professor Akbar Ahmed will draw attention to the plight of women in countries caught up in the war on terror. He will argue that in failing to support them, we are in danger of creating a new generation of terrorists.

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Madness of Love by Miriam Schapiro

Remarkable art

02 Sep 2012

The New Hall Art Collection is Europe’s foremost collection of art by women. Don’t miss the chance to book for a free guided tour of the Collection on Friday, 7 September as part of Open Cambridge.

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Gender Equality symbol.

Charting gender's "incomplete revolution"

27 Jun 2012

A major investigation into gender equality across Europe expresses “deep concern” about the prospects for further closing the gender-pay gap, and finds evidence for the survival of “male breadwinner” ideals. At the same time, it also reveals that men are happier when doing their fair share of housework.

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Clockwise from top left: members of NUWW in 1930, Mrs Vinter, Mrs Cochrane, Leah Manning, Clara Rackham, Mrs Stevenson, Mrs Strachey, Miss Cattley, Mrs Keynes

What Cambridge women did for us

02 May 2012

A series of events at Cambridge’s Folk Museum this summer will draw attention to the struggle for equality for women in education and at work. Among the speakers are Cambridge academics Dr Lucy Delap, Dr Phil Howell and Dr Deborah Thom.

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P.676-1985 William Blake Infant Joy, Songs of Innocence (1789) (detail)

The greatest gift

23 Apr 2012

The first comprehensive study of egg-sharing between women undergoing fertility treatment reveals striking empathy on the part of donors and recipients – and may dispel concerns about programmes that offer ‘benefits-in-kind’ in return for donated eggs.

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Sign reading "Allah"

Narratives of Conversion

27 Jan 2012

A project concluding this weekend examines why women choose to convert to Islam – and what the experience is like.

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