A coordinated approach to sport

22 Mar 2017

The University has launched a new strategy, setting out its aims to enhance the relationship between sport and fitness providers across collegiate Cambridge.

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Cycling to victory

14 Jul 2015

Cambridge University Cycling Club’s Hayley Simmonds has had an incredible year of sport that reached a pinnacle this summer. 

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The view from the top of the stands of Lee Valley VeloPark, London.

Sports calibrated

06 Feb 2015

New methods of gathering quantitative data from video – whether shot on a mobile phone or an ultra-high definition camera – may change the way that sport is experienced, for athletes and fans alike.

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Practice really does make perfect

08 Jan 2015

New research into the way in which we learn new skills finds that a single skill can be learned faster if its follow-through motion is consistent, but multiple skills can be learned simultaneously if the follow-through motion is varied.

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