When beauty matters: the politics of how we look

25 Aug 2016

Questions of beauty and its politics will be discussed at a summer school and conference  next week (30 August to 3 September 2016). Participants will examine the ways in which perceptions and experiences of race, ethnicity, sexuality and colonialism converge to exert powerful influences on our lives.

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Conversations with Cornel West

29 Apr 2013

Don’t miss the chance to hear the controversial commentator Cornel West in dialogue with other great minds on politics, philosophy and literature, touching in particular on issues of race and identity.  

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Alexander Crummell 1866

The remarkable story of Alexander Crummell

20 Oct 2011

A talk at the University of Cambridge’s Festival of Ideas this evening will focus on the extraordinary life of Alexander Crummell – the son of a slave – who was one of the first black students to study at Cambridge.

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