Enter Zahhák, Dragon King of Persia

25 Oct 2013

To be performed in Cambridge on Monday 28 October Zahhák, Dragon King of Persia is the retelling of a myth taken from the Shahnama or ‘Book of Kings’. A story of greed and corruption, it will confront the audience with the ultimate political dilemma.

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Music in the making

01 Oct 2013

An investigation into how musicians find creative inspiration has identified four key ingredients needed for creative expression. It also shows that musicians may be at their most inspired when they step away from their instruments and think about music in different ways.

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String theories: the mathematics of the violin

07 Mar 2013

The screeching produced by children starting out on the violin has curdled the blood of many a parent over the centuries. A pre-concert talk at the Science Festival asks what science can tell us about why the violin is so hard to play.

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The virtual Chopin

01 Mar 2013

One of the greatest composers of the 19th century, Fryderyk Chopin, had an irrepressible creative imagination, and his music experienced continual evolution as a result. Now, a new online resource is bringing the many versions of his compositions together in one place, opening up new possibilities for performers, listeners and researchers alike.

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