Archaeology shows there's more to millet than birdseed

24 Jul 2017

Archaeological research shows that our prehistoric ancestors built resilience into their food supply. Now archaeologists say ‘forgotten’ millet – a cereal familiar today as birdseed – has a role to play in modern crop diversity and in helping to feed the world’s population.

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Mongolia: unravelling the troubled narratives of a nation

27 Feb 2015

In two separate books, anthropologists Dr Franck Billé and Dr Christopher Kaplonski look at the identity of Mongolia, a country that stands at a cultural and political crossroads.  While Billé explores Mongolia’s relationship with its powerful neighbours, Kaplonski revisits a dark period in the country’s recent history.

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Caroline Humphrey (right) with women from local goat-herding families waiting for the distribution of auspicious 'mani' pills by the lamas at a Buddhist temple in Inner Mongolia.

Extreme Sleepover: the importance of being there

21 Dec 2011

Tomorrow we launch a series of 12 articles by Cambridge researchers who tell us about the unfamiliar places where they’ve spent the night in the course of their work. Introducing the Extreme Sleepover series, distinguished anthropologist Professor Dame Caroline Humphrey reflects on how fieldwork not only enriches researchers' work but also touches their hearts and minds.

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Siberian timber being delivered to China

Where empires meet

17 Mar 2011

How two ‘rising powers’ – China and Russia – interact across the border they share with resource-rich Mongolia is the focus of a network led by the Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit, as the researchers involved explain.

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