Upside down and inside out

27 Apr 2015

Researchers have captured the first 3D video of a living algal embryo turning itself inside out, from a sphere to a mushroom shape and back again. The results could help unravel the mechanical processes at work during a similar process in animals, which has been called the “most important time in your life.”

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The lady of the longitude

30 Nov 2014

In 1714, the British Parliament offered large rewards for finding longitude at sea. Men around the world submitted schemes but only one woman, Jane Squire, published a proposal under her own name. Dr Alexi Baker has been investigating the life story of this remarkable trailblazer. 

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Microscopic rowing – without a cox

29 Jul 2014

New research shows that the whip-like appendages on many types of cells are able to synchronise their movements solely through interactions with the fluid that surrounds them.

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Does economics need less maths or more?

11 Apr 2014

Has mathematics become too complex and too dominant a force in modern economics? Yes, says Cambridge Judge Business School’s Michael Kitson; no, says economist Dr William H. Janeway. Here both experts set out their views on what’s needed to help avoid a repeat of the recent financial crisis.

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Taking maths outside the classroom

31 Jan 2014

Teenage mathematicians and their teachers were welcomed into the University of Cambridge’s Centre for Mathematical Sciences for two workshops organised by the Millennium Maths Project’s Further Mathematics Support Programme.

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A step towards increasing crop productivity

09 Oct 2013

A breakthrough in understanding the evolutionary pathways along which some crops have become significantly more productive than others may help scientists boost yields of some staple foodstuffs.

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Cambridge makes Hay

08 Apr 2013

A host of Cambridge academics and alumni will speak about subjects ranging from obesity and smart drugs to US politics and domestic service at this year's Hay Festival.

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