Bringing the gold standard into the classroom: teaching replication and reproducibility at Cambridge

13 Feb 2014

Quality standards in the sciences have recently been heavily criticised in the academic community and the mass media. Scandals involving fraud, errors or misconduct have stirred a debate on reproducibility that calls for fundamental changes in the way research is done. As a new teaching course at Cambridge shows, the best way to bring about change is to start in the classroom, explains course instructor Nicole Janz.

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Katy Barrett

From pamphlet to pixel: the humanities in transition

14 Mar 2012

The humanities have been quick to embrace the potential of computer technology but universities have been reluctant to accept digital projects as bona fide scholarship. Katy Barrett, a PhD student at Cambridge’s Department of the History and Philosophy of Science, argues for a change in attitude.

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Members of the European Legal Development Project

Finding fault

01 Feb 2008

A multicentre project led by the Faculty of Law has reached its conclusion, having studied over a century's worth of European legal changes relating to liability.

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