Fossilised tree and ice cores help date huge volcanic eruption 1,000 years ago to within three months

24 Jan 2017

An international team of researchers has managed to pinpoint, to within three months, a medieval volcanic eruption in east Asia the precise date of which has puzzled historians for decades. They have also shown that the so-called “Millennium eruption” of Changbaishan volcano, one of the largest in history, cannot have brought about the downfall of an important 10th century kingdom, as was previously thought.

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Gill Memorial Award

The Royal Geographical Society's Gill Memorial Award has been presented to Dr Charlotte Lemanski for early career achievement in the field of urban geography.

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The Tibetan lama who wrote a world geography

14 Jun 2014

A study by Tibetan scholar Lobsang Yongdan revisits a long-ignored section of a historic text to reveal how Tibetans were engaging with western scientific knowledge two centuries ago.  His research into a geography of the world, first published by a lama in 1830, challenges stereotypical views of Tibet as an isolated and inward-looking society. 

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Retribution and restoration: Bosnia on trial

15 Feb 2013

Twenty years after Bosnia was devastated by civil war, ordinary people who witnessed, or were the targets of horrific war crimes, are still not getting the support they need from a process designed to bring the perpetrators to justice.

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After the flood: harnessing the power of mud

31 Jan 2013

On the 60th Anniversary of the ‘big flood’ that devastated the coastline of eastern England, new research shows that integrating ‘natural’ sea defences such as salt marshes with sea walls is a more sustainable and effective method of flood prevention.

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