Understanding gravity - from Newton to Hawking

29 Apr 2016

The most important publication in the history of science – Isaac Newton’s own annotated copy of Principia Mathematica – and other seminal works by Copernicus, Einstein and Stephen Hawking, feature in a new film, released today, celebrating 600 years of Cambridge University Library.

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Deep into the Patagonia Glacier

Ice Age, interrupted

09 Jan 2012

Research shows that a new Ice Age could well have been upon us in the next millennium were it not for increases in CO2 due to humans, despite the advantageous trend in solar radiation of our current age.

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icy world

Cambridge Ideas: This Icy World

30 Mar 2011

Cambridge University glaciologist Professor Julian Dowdeswell has spent three years of his life in the polar regions.

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Cambridge Ideas - How Many Lightbulbs?

11 Nov 2010

Cambridge University physicist, David Mackay, in a passionate, personal analysis of the energy crisis in the UK, in which he comes to some surprising conclusions about the way forward.

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Coalport China Museum - former Coalport Chinaworks - by the River Severn

Reassessing the industrial revolution

21 Sep 2010

It was the dawn of an age of prosperity and transformed Britain into an economic superpower but our rose-tinted view of the industrial revolution masks another side of its legacy, a new history suggests.

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