Six world-changing ideas in 90 seconds

09 Nov 2015

Cambridge Enterprise (CE), the commercialisation arm of the University of Cambridge, has launched a film that showcases some of the world-changing ideas it has supported in the journey to market – from a drug with the potential to save millions of lives to a flower seed mix that helps bees.

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New system to improve DNA sequencing

03 Apr 2013

A sensing system developed at Cambridge is being commercialised in the UK for use in rapid, low-cost DNA sequencing, which would make the prediction and diagnosis of disease more efficient, and individualised treatment more affordable.

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Cambridge Enterprise announces 2012 results

23 Jan 2013

More than £1 billion in funding has been raised by companies with roots in Cambridge research, according to year-end results from Cambridge Enterprise, the University’s commercialisation arm.

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Cambridge Nanoscience Centre

£60 million boost for science innovation

15 Nov 2012

Cambridge has received new funding as part of a £60m investment in UK universities to help encourage the development of new industrial collaborations, products and companies based on University research.

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Hauser Forum

Cambridge Enterprise announces 2011 results

20 Dec 2011

Income generated from the University of Cambridge’s commercialisation activities continued to rise in 2011, as did the number of intellectual property, consultancy and equity agreements signed on behalf of the University and its researchers.

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Ivory tower

Exploding the ivory tower myth

17 May 2011

Academia makes a considerable and valued contribution to society that goes far beyond commercialisation of applied research, as Professor Alan Hughes, co-author of the first in-depth study of all UK university–business interactions, explains.

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