Cambridge unveils plans to become Retrofit City

12 Jun 2013

A new network of public and private sector organisations aims to carry out retrofits across Cambridge, bringing down carbon emissions, cutting energy costs, and helping to make it the first city to meet the UK Climate Change Act carbon reduction target of 80% by 2050.

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Shedding light on forests

21 May 2013

By using advanced imaging technology, scientists are able to map on an unprecedentedly large scale – and in remarkably accurate detail - what is happening to these precious resources worldwide. 

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Energy efficiency and human behaviour

18 Feb 2013

Are buildings that consume less energy really more energy efficient as a result? As the University of Cambridge begins Switch Off Week, researcher Scott Kelly explains how predicting energy efficiency is easier said than done, especially once human behaviour becomes part of the calculation.

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Tune in, switch off

13 Feb 2013

This week is Switch Off Week, a chance for staff at the University to get involved in cutting Cambridge’s carbon footprint and consider the best behavioural and technological ways of reducing energy use.

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Graphene: Taking the wonder-stuff from dream to reality

24 Jan 2013

A centre for research on graphene, a material which has the potential to revolutionise numerous industries, ranging from healthcare to electronics, is to be created at the University of Cambridge. The University has been a hub for graphene engineering from the very start and now aims to make this “wonder material” work in real-life applications.

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Thermal image of two people standing outside a building. The study found that in many European countries, including the UK, predicted energy usage in homes bears little resemblance to the amount used in practice.

The prebound effect

03 Jul 2012

Many homes with poor energy efficiency are actually consuming far less energy than predicted, new research has found. The study has implications for national energy-saving policies and the economic viability of thermal retrofit programmes.

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