Living on the edge

29 March 2019

Some of the most deprived areas in England are located in the eastern region. The New Horizons project has been helping those furthest away from the job market to get back into work.

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Toddlers, knights and golden bears

23 March 2019

Inside the Fitzwilliam Museum, the Armoury and Renaissance galleries are alive with the sound of chattering children. Eyes wide in amazement, noses pressed against cool glass and little feet padding across polished floors, Cambridgeshire pre-schoolers are excitedly discovering treasures found close to home and further afield.

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Sea Change

22 March 2019

The coast is an intrinsic part of British identity – and perhaps nowhere is it more at risk than in the East of England. Cambridge researchers are working with communities and organisations across the region to manage the coast for the future, by working with nature rather than against it.

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"A very Cambridge story"

20 March 2019

We spoke with Cambridge’s most recent Nobel Laureate about decades of research, spin-outs, pharma giants and the booming life sciences cluster in Greater Cambridge.

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