Living on the edge: succeeding in the slums

30 Jun 2016

Cities exist in a state of constant flux: not always ‘smart’ and successful, they can be vulnerable, chaotic and seem on the edge of failure. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the shanty towns and slums. How can these informal settlements, and the wider city, be helped to succeed?

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Palestinian Hajj paintings by the entrance to a reconstructed Synagogue in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City.

Divided cities do not flourish

08 Nov 2012

A landmark study of divided cities such as Jerusalem and Belfast suggests that while physical divisions remain these cities cannot thrive, and that a 'post-conflict’ phase in these urban centres can be a misconception.

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Separation barrier in Jerusalem

Capturing urban conflict: beyond the newsreel

19 Oct 2011

A new exhibition unveils the work of a unique study into some of the most bitterly divided cities in the world, such as Jerusalem and Belfast, showing how daily life adapts to, defines and defies boundaries in spaces of urban conflict.

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Barrier from Isawiyya village into Jerusalem

Conflict in cities

01 Sep 2007

Conflict is inherent to the urban condition, yet only in some cities do contention and dissent erupt to unacceptable and destructive levels. How do contested cities absorb and reflect this conflict?

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