How humans and wild birds collaborate to get precious resources of honey and wax

22 Jul 2016

By following honeyguides, a species of bird, people in Africa are able to locate bees’ nests to harvest honey.  Research now reveals that humans use special calls to solicit the help of honeyguides and that honeyguides actively recruit appropriate human partners. This relationship is a rare example of cooperation between humans and free-living animals.

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Secrets of animal camouflage: Video reveals how predator vision works

06 Aug 2014

How do animals see? It’s a question that vexes biologists and fascinates anyone who has watched animals go about their business: what does the world look like through their eyes? In a new video, BBSRC-funded scientists are attempting to answer some of these fundamental questions by studying  the success of bird and egg camouflage.

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African greater honeyguide

Natural born killers

07 Sep 2011

Newly hatched chicks of African honeyguide birds bite to death their foster siblings to eliminate competition.

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Image shows a variety of cuckoo finches each adapted to mimic a different host species or colour morph

Biological arms races in birds

13 Apr 2011

New research reveals how biological arms races between cuckoos and host birds can escalate into a competition between the host evolving new, unique egg patterns (or ‘signatures’) and the parasite new forgeries.

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