Cambridge University Press & Assessment's Annual Report

Cambridge University Press & Assessment hits £1 billion revenue milestone while reaching 100 million learners, the organisation's Annual Report 2022-23 reveals.

Cambridge University Press & Assessment's Annual Report highlights how the group reached new audiences through technological innovations - from digital exams to generative AI - while delivering the highest quality books, learning materials, assessments and research publications.

Peter Phillips, Chief Executive of Cambridge University Press & Assessment, said: “This year we reached 100 million learners worldwide and our revenue reached £1 billion for the first time. Both of these achievements reflect the extraordinary impact that we are having through our work, whether it’s with teachers, learners or researchers.

“As we celebrate these achievements, above all we think of the individual lives that we can touch; whether that’s a teacher in Brazil, an IGCSE student in Malaysia, a biologist in Botswana or a parent in New Delhi. The changing ways in which learners think, how they experience the world, and how we can help them – that is what really matters to us. We achieved these milestones by having a single-minded focus on supporting the people we exist to serve: from Lagos to Lima, Singapore to Seattle."

Professor Deborah Prentice, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, said: “Cambridge University Press & Assessment’s extraordinary reach and expertise – now extending to 100 million learners worldwide – underpin its importance to our University. But its impact extends beyond the sphere of higher education. For many people around the globe, Cambridge is known for opening doors to English language learners through IELTS or Linguaskill, for sparking new interests among IGCSE students, and for offering scholars and general readers new insights through Cambridge University Press publications.”

The Press & Assessment grew collaborations with teaching and learning departments across the University of Cambridge. That included work in language science research with the Cambridge Institute for Automated Language Teaching and Assessment (ALTA), and with Cambridge geographers in climate education. Through Cambridge Advance Online, professionals can access flexible courses led by University of Cambridge academics: from risk management to AI systems design.

Read Cambridge University Press & Assessment's Annual Report.

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