Alumni Weekend

27 September 2002
This year's Alumni Weekend begins today (Friday 27 September). Cambridge alumni from across the world are gathering for three days of events.
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Law professor appointed to High Court

27 September 2002
Professor Jack Beatson FBA QC, Rouse Ball Professor of English Law at the University of Cambridge, has been appointed a Justice of the High Court. Professor Beatson will take up his appointment on 29 April 2003.
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Bringing mathematics to life

25 September 2002

Mathematics can often seem abstract and irrelevant to our everyday lives. Yet behind many physical objects that we use on a daily basis, such as mobile phones, lies a good deal of high-powered mathematics.

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Learning process

20 September 2002
One hundred educationalists from across the UK will gather in Cambridge on Monday (23 September) to discuss the progress of the Teaching and Learning Research Programme (TLRP).
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Cambridge Information Days

18 September 2002
Students, parents and advisers from around the country will be arriving in Cambridge today for the first series of short ‘Information Visits’ to be organised by the University.
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Step forward for new cancer research centre

16 September 2002
Plans for a state-of-the-art cancer research centre that will re-enforce Cambridge as a world leader in cancer research took a step forward last week. The new centre will be a collaboration between the University of Cambridge, Cancer Research UK and Addenbrooke’s NHS Trust.
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Vice-Chancellor speaks out on IPR

13 September 2002
Proposals for reform of the University's IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) have met with a mixed reaction. Today the Vice-Chancellor responds to some of the objections raised by critics of the proposals.
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Celebrating science

12 September 2002
Cambridge experts in topics ranging from evolutionary arms races to the nature of scientific truth are taking the stage this week at the 2002 BA Festival of Science in Leicester to talk about their work.
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