Henry VIII statue on the Great Gate of Trinity College Cambridge

Katherine Parr did not persuade Henry VIII to found Trinity College Cambridge

17 May 2022

King Henry VIII had already made up his mind to found Trinity College Cambridge and Christ Church Oxford before Cambridge lobbied his queen, a re-examination of 16th-century sources suggests. Professor Richard Rex's study undermines a popular 'Cambridge version' of events, sheds new light on the Chantries Act and emphasises the king's ability to take big decisions.

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Professor Stephen J Toope, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge

Vice-Chancellor gives evidence to The Times Education Commission

13 May 2022

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Stephen J Toope, this month gave evidence to The Times Education Commission, which was set up in May 2021 to examine the future of education following the COVID-19 crisis, declining social mobility, advances in technology, and the changing nature of work.

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