Professor Oliver Hart wins economics Nobel Prize

10 Oct 2016

Professor Oliver Hart, a former undergraduate at King’s College (1966), and a former Fellow of Churchill College, has been jointly awarded the 2016 Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences, along with Bengt Holmström of MIT for their work in the field of contracts.

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King’s College Chapel: an architectural masterpiece and the man who told its story

16 Dec 2015

Five hundred years ago the masons working on one of the world’s most famous buildings completed the stonework of a chapel conceived some 70 years earlier. For several decades, King’s College Chapel had stood partially built in the heart of Cambridge. The story of the chapel is told in riveting detail by John Saltmarsh, who died in 1974 before completing his magnum opus.

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Ronald Balfour: Cambridge’s own ‘monuments man’

10 Mar 2014

The ‘monuments men’ were a multinational unit of the Allied Forces who operated behind enemy lines during the Second World War to safeguard artistic and cultural treasures. Among them was historian Ronald Balfour, Fellow of King’s College, who lost his life 69 years ago.

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