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The climate crisis and biodiversity losses are affecting the planet at an alarming pace. Cambridge researchers are helping the response to these threats, building resilience, supporting the transition from fossil fuels to a zero-carbon future, and enabling us to act sustainably to protect the planet's precious resources and reduce waste.

The climate crisis: towards zero carbon

26 February 2020

Sir David Attenborough, Dr Jane Goodall DBE and leading Cambridge University researchers talk about the urgency of climate crisis – and some of the solutions that will take us towards zero carbon.

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Naked Clams in wooden growth panel

Innovative aquaculture system turns waste wood into nutritious seafood

20 Nov 2023

Researchers hoping to rebrand a marine pest as a nutritious food have developed the world’s first system of farming shipworms, which they have...

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View of woman's hand plugging in charging lead to her electric car

Oxygen ‘holes’ could hold the key to higher performing EV batteries

19 Jul 2023

Scientists have made a breakthrough in understanding and overcoming the challenges associated with nickel-rich materials used in lithium-ion...

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Butterfly on finger

Small-winged and lighter coloured butterflies likely to be at greatest threat from climate change

13 Jul 2023

The family, wing length and wing colour of tropical butterflies all influence their ability to withstand rising temperatures, say a team led by...

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Gemma Dunsmure and Emily Jones from the Green Genies – The Department of Public Health and Primary Care, winners of a Platinum Green Impact Award

Inaugural Sustainability Showcase celebrates environmental achievements across Cambridge

29 Jun 2023

The Environmental Sustainability Team at the University of Cambridge hosted its first-ever Sustainability Showcase on 21st June at Wolfson College...

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Image of the globe made up of binary numbers

Act now to prevent uncontrolled rise in carbon footprint of computational science

26 Jun 2023

Cambridge scientists have set out principles for how computational science – which powers discoveries from unveiling the mysteries of the universe to...

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Burger and fries

Weak policies and political ideologies risk jeopardising plans to tackle health and climate change, says Cambridge expert

20 Jun 2023

Efforts to tackle major issues facing the UK, including the nation’s health and climate change, are being hampered because politicians often ignore...

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Aerial shot of wind farm

Developing solutions for the energy transition

14 Jun 2023

Solutions are being developed at Cambridge that can be implemented, grown to scale, and used to accelerate the rapid transition to a net zero and...

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Researcher in forest with butterfly net

Tropical butterflies’ wings could help them withstand climate change, study suggests

14 Jun 2023

Tropical butterflies with bigger, longer and narrower wings are better able to stay cool when temperatures get too hot.

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Wildflower meadow at King's College, Cambridge with chapel behind

A break from the lawn: can an iconic meadow seed wider change?

24 May 2023

A new study at King's College, Cambridge reveals the striking benefits of letting lawns go wild. Can others be persuaded to break with a 300-year old...

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King Charles III at the groundbreaking for the New Whittle Laboratory

The King breaks ground on Cambridge’s New Whittle Laboratory

09 May 2023

His Majesty The King visited the University of Cambridge today, in his first public engagement following the Coronation.

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Dog eating raw meat

Dogs may be at risk from high levels of lead from shotgun pellets in raw pheasant dog food, study finds

03 May 2023

Researchers tested samples of raw pheasant dog food and discovered that the majority contained high levels of lead that could put dogs’ health at...

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Seal swimming in the sea near Robinson Crusoe Island

Toxic discovery on Robinson Crusoe Island

30 Apr 2023

Dr Constanza Toro-Valdivieso has been to the ends of the Earth to collect seal poo. Her results show that seemingly healthy seals are contaminated by...

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