Climate change is affecting the planet at an alarming pace. To respond to this threat, we need to build resilience, make the transition from fossil fuels to a zero carbon future, act sustainably to protect the planet's precious resources and reduce waste.

The climate crisis: towards zero carbon

26 February 2020

Sir David Attenborough, Dr Jane Goodall DBE and leading Cambridge University researchers talk about the urgency of climate crisis – and some of the solutions that will take us towards zero carbon.

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ARPA-type funding gives green technology an ‘innovation advantage’, study finds

14 Sep 2020

Startups funded by US agency ARPA-E file patents at twice the rate of similar cleantech firms. The UK should trial its own climate-focused ARPA as...

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Living Planet Report reveals 68% decline in global wildlife populations since 1970

10 Sep 2020

Global populations of mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish have declined by over two-thirds in less than half a century, due in large part...

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Call of the wild collector

28 Aug 2020

Walking at ‘botanist pace’ on Mount Terror in South Africa, Dr Ángela Cano likes to stop and smell the succulents. She then measures, photographs...

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New insights into lithium-ion battery failure mechanism

24 Aug 2020

Researchers have identified a potential new degradation mechanism for electric vehicle batteries – a key step to designing effective methods to...

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Concordia research station in Antarctica

Carbon dioxide ‘pulses’ are a common feature of the carbon cycle

20 Aug 2020

Researchers have found that pulse-like releases of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere are a pervasive feature of the carbon cycle and that they are...

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Adding a metre between meals boosts vegetarian appeal – study

13 Aug 2020

Researchers have identified the optimal dish positions to help “nudge” diners into picking more planet-friendly meals in cafeterias.

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Greenhouse with tinted solar panels

Green energy and better crops: tinted solar panels could boost farm incomes

04 Aug 2020

Researchers have demonstrated the use of tinted, semi-transparent solar panels to generate electricity and produce nutritionally-superior crops...

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Scientists supercharge shellfish to tackle vitamin deficiency in humans

20 Jul 2020

Cambridge scientists have developed a new way to fortify shellfish to tackle human nutrient deficiencies which cause severe health problems across...

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COVID-19 and the interspecies frontier

08 Jul 2020

Professor of World History, Sujit Sivasundaram, discusses how our long history with pangolins reveals the preconditions of both the pandemic and...

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Plastic: the new fantastic?

05 Jun 2020

Hear how Cambridge researchers are working towards eliminating plastic waste and making best use of one of the most successful materials ever...

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Climate change will turn coastal Antarctica green, say scientists

20 May 2020

Scientists have created the first ever large-scale map of microscopic algae as they bloomed across the surface of snow along the Antarctic Peninsula...

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COVID-19 severity associated with increased levels of air pollution in England, preliminary study finds

21 Apr 2020

Scientists at the University of Cambridge have found an association between living in an area of England with high levels of air pollution and the...

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