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MICROBIOME: the kingdom of the gut

24 August 2023

What's so special about the bacteria in our bowels?

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A visitor at the Black Atlantic exhibition in front of 'Go West Young Man, 1987, by Keith Piper.

Black Atlantic: Power, People, Resistance

21 Sep 2023

A major new exhibition explores Cambridge's role in slavery, the people it affected and their resistance to it.

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A ball of neuroblastoma cells forming mature nerves after drug treatment

Developing ‘kinder’ treatments for a devastating childhood cancer

20 Sep 2023

Neuroblastomas can be devastating to children and their families and the treatments can be harsh. But thanks to scientists, some tadpoles and a...

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Composite graphic showing planets, vegetation, DNA and book

Explore life in the Universe with new postgraduate programme

18 Sep 2023

A new postgraduate programme will train researchers to understand life's origins, search for habitable planets and consider the most profound...

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Carbon-based molecules found in atmosphere of exoplanet K2-18b

11 Sep 2023

An international team of astronomers led by the University of Cambridge has used data from the NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope to discover...

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Risky business

07 Sep 2023

Launched during Open Cambridge, a new self-guided trail, created by researchers at Cambridge’s Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (CSER), takes...

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Bicycle at Dept of Earth Sciences

A-level results day

17 Aug 2023

Celebrating the achievements of those coming to Cambridge

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Cost to protect globally important forests falls disproportionately on those living closest

17 Aug 2023

Local communities are not incentivised to protect tropical forests that are hugely valuable for global climate regulation, a new study has found...

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Meet Cambridge's mussel man

10 Aug 2023

How new ways of shellfish farming could help meet future food needs.

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Cambridge Union's all-female debating team

10 Aug 2023

Cambridge Union's dynamic all-female A-Team prepares to tackle the European Debating Championships

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Stormzy and the first two scholars Drew and Joseph

Stormzy Scholarships

29 Jul 2023

36 new Stormzy Scholarships are to be awarded to Black students over the next three years, bringing the total number to 81 over eight years (2018-26).

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The Edinburgh Fringe logo

Cambridge University at the Edinburgh Fringe

20 Jul 2023

Read about the Cambridge University students captivating audiences at the Edinburgh Fringe this August.

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The life robotic: fostering human wellbeing using robots

19 Jul 2023

The team is exploring the capacity robots have to inspire self-reflection, and support the work of psychologists and clinicians.

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