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Inside the new institute looking at early cancer

21 September 2022

Today sees the launch of the Early Cancer Institute at Cambridge. Its mission is deceptively simple: to detect cancer early enough to cure it.

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The moon

Graphene heads to the moon

30 Nov 2022

Cambridge researchers are part of a European project testing graphene’s ability to protect spacecraft against the sticky, sharp dust on the moon’s...

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Can aviation be sustainable?

Can aviation be sustainable?

23 Nov 2022

Air travel is one of the major contributors to global warming. Cambridge scientists are working with leading energy companies to help develop...

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Black Ned Kelly? The truth about an infamous Australian bandit

14 Nov 2022

Historian Dr Meg Foster shatters the myth that “Black Douglas” murdered a white woman and tells the story of an intelligent survivor

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USA sexually ‘teased’ its troops in WWI to make them fight harder

07 Nov 2022

The United States Government sought to sexually stimulate then frustrate its soldiers to prepare them for an unpopular conflict in Europe, a...

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Photos suggest rhino horns have shrunk over the past century

01 Nov 2022

Cambridge researchers have made the first ever measurements that show rhinoceros horns have gradually decreased in size over time.

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Disappearing notes show dramatic loss of whales

14 Oct 2022

A Cambridge team frustrated by the apathetic response to biodiversity loss has developed a dramatic new way to highlight the demise of nature – and...

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Liquid water beneath Martian polar ice cap

29 Sep 2022

An international team of researchers has revealed new evidence for the possible existence of liquid water beneath the south polar ice cap of Mars.

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Ukrainian students depart

16 Sep 2022

The Ukrainian medical students who received essential training at Cambridge University over the summer will take the specialist skills they have...

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Listening from afar

14 Sep 2022

A new, hands-off approach to monitoring biodiversity is saving time and money, and helping to identify sites where intervention is most needed.

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Mole-rats: meet the Ugly Naked Guys

06 Sep 2022

Understanding their weirdness could help prevent and better treat human illnesses like arthritis and cancer.

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‘Synthetic’ embryo with brain and beating heart grown from stem cells

25 Aug 2022

New model embryo, using mouse stem cells, reaches a further point in development than has been achieved in any other stem cell-derived model.

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DNA profiling solves Australian rabbit plague puzzle

22 Aug 2022

A new study proves that a single introduction of rabbits shipped from England in 1859 caused the infamous invasion and argues that wild genetic...

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