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Cancer isn’t fair – but care should be

04 February 2024

Listening to people's lived experiences is helping to improve the awareness and uptake of cancer care. On World Cancer Day, we take a look at some of the ways researchers are working with communities to ‘close the cancer care gap’.

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CamFest Speaker Spotlight: Professor Sir Richard Evans

21 Feb 2024

Cambridge historian Professor Sir Richard Evans, a world authority on the Nazis and author of the forthcoming Hitler’s People, will be speaking at a...

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CamFest Speaker Spotlight: Dr Una McCormack

19 Feb 2024

Your chance to get to know more about some of the speakers taking part in this year's festival.

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CamFest Speaker Spotlight: Professor Sir David Spiegelhalter

16 Feb 2024

Your chance to get to know more about some of the speakers taking part in this year's festival.

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Aim policies at ‘hardware’ to ensure AI safety, say experts

14 Feb 2024

Chips and datacentres – the “compute” driving the AI revolution – may be the most effective targets for risk-reducing AI policies, according to a new...

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The big question - Cambridge team joins ALPHA hunt for dark matter

07 Feb 2024

A team of Cambridge scientists are working to help identify the mysterious and invisible material believed to make up 85 per cent of all the matter...

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A peek at some of the top events at the Cambridge Festival 2024

05 Feb 2024

Fixing the NHS, stopping wars, and the effects of AI on the democratic process headline a packed programme of events at this year’s Cambridge...

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Abstract image of digital butterflies

Using AI to tackle society's biggest challenges

05 Feb 2024

The winners of a new prize supporting ambitious ideas for how artificial intelligence can address critical societal issues are announced today, with...

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Umaima Ahmad, CEO of 52North

Caring for cancer patients

31 Jan 2024

Meet Umaima Ahmad, co-founder and CEO of a Cambridge spinout that aims to keep chemotherapy patients safe from infection while sparing them...

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Vision in the field: Photography from social anthropology

23 Jan 2024

The University’s Department of Social Anthropology studies how people live: what they make, do, think and the organisation of their relationships...

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Ancient migrations

Ancient DNA reveals reason for high MS and Alzheimer's rates in Europe

10 Jan 2024

Researchers have created the world’s largest ancient human gene bank, and used it to map the historical spread of genes – and diseases – over time as...

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Spanish butterflies better at regulating their body temperature than their British cousins

09 Jan 2024

Butterfly populations in northern Spain are better than their UK counterparts at regulating their body temperature, but rising global temperatures...

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Older man skydiving

Ageing: can we add more life to our years?

20 Dec 2023

Research advances at the University of Cambridge mean that the eternal quest to reverse the march of time may soon become a reality.

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