Stem cells, the 'building blocks' for every type of cell in the body, have tremendous potential to improve human health.

liver cells

Liver cells created from patients’ skin cells

25 Aug 2010

<p>Research paves way for new liver disease research and possibly cell-based therapy.<br />  

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Four of the first cohort of Herchel Smith Research Fellows: from left to right, Yanwen Wu, Carlo Sias, Sacri R. Ferron and Tony Southall

A legacy of talented researchers

01 Aug 2010

From quantum physics to stem cells: the research of the University's first cohort of Herchel Smith Postdoctoral Research Fellows demonstrates the...

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Embryonic stem cells

Funding to boost scientific links with Japan

01 Apr 2010

Researchers in Cambridge and Japan will be working together towards a more integrated understanding of how stem cells make decisions.

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Stem cells

Understanding how cancer cells grow

04 Jan 2010

Cambridge scientists are asking what role stem cells play in how cancer develops, spreads and relapses.

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Chemistry Shelf

Switching on the power of stem cells

21 Aug 2009

Scientists have uncovered a vital link in the chain of events that gives stem cells their remarkable properties.

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Neuron Connection

Brain stem cell discovery

01 Jul 2009

Insight could lead to new therapies to repair damage caused by MS.

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Stem cells transplanted into the eye

Glaucoma: the silent thief of sight

01 May 2009

New treatments for glaucoma are a key priority in vision research. Advances in stem cell technology in Cambridge are helping to make this dream a...

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Primordial germ cells

Germ cells: the route to immortality

01 Apr 2009

How do cells become equipped to generate a whole new organism?

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Centre for the Physics of Medicine

Physics of Medicine

01 Dec 2008

The Grand Opening of the Centre for the Physics of Medicine marks a major development in bringing together researchers working at the interface of...

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A colony of human embryonic stem cells formed from a mixture of cells expressing red or green fluorescent proteins

Engineering stem cells and tissues for better health

01 Sep 2008

The Cambridge Stem Cell Initiative enters its second phase with the launch of the Laboratory for Regenerative Medicine.

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