Neuroscience has transformed our understanding of the brain and promises treatments for devastating disorders that affect millions.

Problematic smartphone use linked to poorer grades, alcohol misuse and more sexual partners

04 July 2019

A survey of more than 3,400 university students in the USA has found that one in five respondents reported problematic smartphone use. Female students were more likely be affected and problematic smartphone use was associated with lower grade averages, mental health problems and higher numbers of sexual partners.

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Digital support

10 Feb 2021

Research published today shows how digital providers are coming together to support the mental health needs of millions of users unable to access...

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Brain Chip

Function identified of ‘mystery protein’ that kills healthy brain cells of people with Parkinson’s

10 Feb 2021

Scientists have made a ‘vital step’ towards understanding the origins of Parkinson’s disease – the fastest growing neurological condition in the...

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Beta-Amyloid Plaques and Tau in the Brain

Following the hops of disordered proteins could lead to future treatments of Alzheimer’s disease

14 Jan 2021

Study shows how to determine the elusive motions of proteins that remain disordered.

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Children sitting on park bench

High insulin levels during childhood a risk for mental health problems later in life, study suggests

13 Jan 2021

Researchers have shown that the link between physical and mental illness is closer than previously thought. Certain changes in physical health, which...

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Wine glass and bottle

One in three adults drank more alcohol during first lockdown

21 Dec 2020

COVID-19 and lockdown measures drove some individuals more than others to use alcohol to cope with stress, a new study has revealed. While overall...

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Closeup of brain MRI scan result

Common drug for build-up of blood following head injury worse than placebo, study finds

16 Dec 2020

A commonly-used treatment for chronic subdural haematoma – the build-up of ‘old’ blood in the space between the brain and the skull, usually as a...

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Inducing lysosome motion with light leads to a rapid and significant extension of ER network.

Driving force behind cellular ‘protein factories’ could have implications for neurodegenerative disease

16 Dec 2020

Researchers have identified the driving force behind a cellular process linked to neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s and motor neurone...

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Woman sleeping

Apathy could predict onset of dementia years before other symptoms

15 Dec 2020

Apathy – a lack of interest or motivation – could predict the onset of some forms of dementia many years before symptoms start, offering a ‘window of...

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11 hip-hop artists who had something to say about mental health

09 Dec 2020

How hip hop artists are opening up about their struggles with depression and anxiety, helping reduce stigma and encouraging others to seek support.

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Child looking out of a window

Significant increase in depression seen among children during first lockdown

08 Dec 2020

The first lockdown led to a significant increase in symptoms of depression among children, highlighting the unintended consequences of school...

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A disgusted man

Rhythm and bleughs: how changes in our stomach’s rhythms steer us away from disgusting sights

24 Nov 2020

Does the sight of maggots squirming in rotten food make you look away in disgust? The phrase ‘makes my stomach turn’ takes on a new meaning today as...

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Technique to regenerate the optic nerve offers hope for future glaucoma treatment

05 Nov 2020

Scientists have used gene therapy to regenerate damaged nerve fibres in the eye, in a discovery that could aid the development of new treatments for...

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