A mental health crisis is looming, affecting individuals, communities and economies worldwide. Cambridge researchers are advancing understanding of mental illness and wellbeing – and putting this into practice.

The team that created Inside an Unquiet Mind

Scientists: they are surprisingly normal

13 Jan 2012

One in four of us suffer from mental illness at some point in our lives – but the stigma surrounding mental health has proved hard to shift. An...

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#twitterbrain network image

Neuro-tweets: #hashtagging the brain

06 May 2011

We like to think the human brain is special, something different from other brains and information processing systems, but a Cambridge professor set...

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I love peas

Happy children make happy adults

14 Mar 2011

New research links well-being in adolescence with life satisfaction in adulthood.

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Soldiers set up security and provide aid in Haiti

Academic warns of psychological impact of Haiti earthquake

21 Jan 2010

A Cambridge academic who is coordinating the mental health response to the Haiti earthquake disaster for one of the first international NGOs into the...

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