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Understanding the implications of enabling children to grow into healthy, happy, educated and inquiring adults, in safety and free from adversity.

Pregnant woman holding her stomach

Newborn babies at risk from bacteria commonly carried by mothers

29 Nov 2023

One in 200 newborns is admitted to a neonatal unit with sepsis caused by a bacteria commonly carried by their mothers – much greater than the...

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 A girl looking out of a window

New report highlights increase in number of children and young people with eating disorders

21 Nov 2023

One in five children and young people have a probable mental health condition, according to The Mental Health of Children and Young People in England...

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Child receiving dental treatment

UK ‘sugar tax’ linked to fall in child hospital admissions for tooth extraction

15 Nov 2023

The UK soft drinks industry levy introduced in 2018 may have saved more than 5,500 hospital admissions for tooth extractions, according to an...

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Artist's impression of the entrance to the future Cambridge Children’s Hospital

New milestone for specialist children’s hospital in the East of England

12 Oct 2023

Cambridge Children’s Hospital, which will be the first specialist children’s hospital for the East of England, has been given the green light to...

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Pregnant woman smoking cigarette - stock illustration

Risk of premature birth from smoking while pregnant more than double previous estimates

28 Sep 2023

Cambridge researchers have found that women who smoke during pregnancy are 2.6 times more likely to give birth prematurely compared to non-smokers –...

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A ball of neuroblastoma cells forming mature nerves after drug treatment

Developing ‘kinder’ treatments for a devastating childhood cancer

20 Sep 2023

Neuroblastomas can be devastating to children and their families and the treatments can be harsh. But thanks to scientists, some tadpoles and a...

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Monitoring particle air pollution either side of the tredge installed at St Ambrose primary school, Manchester.

Roadside hedges can reduce harmful ultrafine particle pollution around schools

13 Sep 2023

A new study led by Cambridge University confirms that planting hedges between roadsides and school playgrounds can dramatically reduce children’s...

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Children playing tug of war

Largest ever DNA and health research programme for children and young people launches

25 Jul 2023

Cambridge researchers are helping launch a nationwide study for children and young people to unlock the power of our DNA.

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Girl reading a book

Reading for pleasure early in childhood linked to better cognitive performance and mental wellbeing in adolescence

28 Jun 2023

Children who begin reading for pleasure early in life tend to perform better at cognitive tests and have better mental health when they enter...

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Teenager sitting near graffiti

Problems with ‘pruning’ brain connections linked to adolescent mental health disorders

24 Apr 2023

Problems with the brain’s ability to ‘prune’ itself of unnecessary connections may underlie a wide range of mental health disorders that begin during...

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Father and son talking

Assisted reproduction kids grow up just fine – but it may be better to tell them early about biological origins

13 Apr 2023

Landmark study finds no difference in psychological wellbeing or quality of family relationships between children born by assisted reproduction (egg...

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Angry boy on stairs

Harsh discipline increases risk of children developing lasting mental health problems

31 Mar 2023

Parents who frequently exercise harsh discipline with young children are putting them at significantly greater risk of developing lasting mental...

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