Understanding the implications of enabling children to grow into healthy, happy, educated and inquiring adults, in safety and free from adversity.

Robot shaking hands with Dr Micol Spitale

Robots can be used to assess children’s mental wellbeing, study suggests

01 Sep 2022

Robots can be better at detecting mental wellbeing issues in children than parent-reported or self-reported testing, a new study suggests.

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Group of children playing tug of war

Just over half of six-year-olds in Britain meet physical activity guidelines

11 Aug 2022

Fifty-three percent of six-year-olds met the recommended daily guidelines for moderate-to-vigorous physical activity in a study carried out pre-...

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Black woman holding newborn baby in hospital bed

Racial discrimination linked to increased risk of premature babies

05 Aug 2022

Women who experience racial discrimination on the basis of their ethnicity, race or nationality are at increased risk of giving birth prematurely...

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Toddler's hands touching tree bark

Children with rare genetic disorders more likely to be diagnosed with developmental, behavioural and mental health problems

03 Aug 2022

A major study of children with intellectual disabilities has highlighted the additional challenges that they often face, including a much-increased...

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Rear view of sports teacher practicing Yoga with her students at school gym

School-based mindfulness training programme fails to improve young people’s mental health

13 Jul 2022

A standardised schools-based mindfulness training programme did not help young people’s mental health and well-being overall, but did improve school...

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Teacher speaking with students

'Reductive' models of wellbeing education risk failing children, researchers warn

21 Jun 2022

An improved vision for wellbeing education should replace the over-simplistic approaches currently employed in many schools, such as happiness...

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Pre-school play with friends lowers risk of mental health problems later

14 Jun 2022

Children who learn to play well with others at pre-school age tend to enjoy better mental health as they get older, new research shows. The findings...

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The psychiatrist who faced a dilemma but couldn’t turn his back on his people

23 May 2022

Children in West Africa with cognitive difficulties are going undiagnosed because the tests used to assess their mental health are based on Western...

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Boy using a smartphone

Scientists find that the impact of social media on wellbeing varies across adolescence

28 Mar 2022

Girls and boys might be more vulnerable to the negative effects of social media use at different times during their adolescence, say an international...

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Smiling boy with a football

One in three young people say they felt happier during lockdown

22 Feb 2022

One in three young people say their mental health and wellbeing improved during COVID-19 lockdown measures, with potential contributing factors...

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The Lost Words: a ‘spell book’ that closes the gap between childhood and nature

01 Jan 2022

The Lost Words is a book by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris that summons the magic of nature to help children find, love and protect the natural...

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A man sitting in front of a screen

Teenagers at greatest risk of self-harming could be identified almost a decade earlier

15 Jun 2021

Researchers have identified two subgroups of adolescents who self-harm and have shown that it is possible to predict those individuals at greatest...

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