The demand continues for materials that are stronger, cheaper, lighter, more conductive – simply better.

Bismuth oxyiodide crystals

Sustainable solar cell material shown to be highly promising for medical imaging

10 May 2023

Using X-rays to see inside the human body has revolutionised non-invasive medical diagnostics. However, the dose of X-rays required for imaging is...

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Fabric with electronics woven into it

Cheaper method for making woven displays and smart fabrics – of any size or shape

21 Apr 2023

Researchers have developed next-generation smart textiles – incorporating LEDs, sensors, energy harvesting, and storage – that can be produced...

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Silvia Vignolini (left), Rachel Oliver (right)

Two Cambridge researchers awarded Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Emerging Technologies

01 Dec 2022

Professor Rachel Oliver and Professor Silvia Vignolini from the University of Cambridge have been awarded a Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in...

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Tetrataenite found in Nuevo Mercurio, Zacatecas, Mexico

New approach to ‘cosmic magnet’ manufacturing could reduce reliance on rare earths in low-carbon technologies

25 Oct 2022

Researchers have discovered a potential new method for making the high-performance magnets used in wind turbines and electric cars without the need...

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On-chip spectrometer on a fingertip

Artificial intelligence powers record-breaking all-in-one miniature spectrometers

20 Oct 2022

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to replace optical and mechanical components, researchers have designed a tiny spectrometer that breaks all...

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Electric car charging

Watching lithium in real time could improve performance of EV battery materials

14 Oct 2022

Researchers have found that the irregular movement of lithium ions in next-generation battery materials could be reducing their capacity and...

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Abstract image of water

New phases of water detected

14 Sep 2022

Water can be liquid, gas or ice, right? Think again.

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Geometric abstract background with connected line and dots

AI tackles the challenge of materials structure prediction

27 Jul 2022

Researchers have designed a machine learning method that can predict the structure of new materials with five times the efficiency of the current...

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Suchitra Sebastian

Professor Suchitra Sebastian to receive the Schmidt Science Polymaths Award

30 Jun 2022

Cambridge physicist Professor Suchitra Sebastian to join group of ten recently tenured professors named to Polymath Program, awarded up to $2.5...

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‘Fruitcake’ structure observed in organic polymers

02 Jun 2022

Researchers have analysed the properties of an organic polymer with potential applications in flexible electronics and uncovered variations in...

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Secret to treating ‘Achilles’ heel’ of alternatives to silicon solar panels revealed

24 May 2022

A team of researchers from the UK and Japan has found that the tiny defects which limit the efficiency of perovskites – cheaper alternative materials...

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Bone cancer cell (nucleus in light blue)

Cambridge spin-out receives European Innovation Council grant to develop cancer imaging technologies

21 Feb 2022

Spin-off company Cambridge Raman Imaging Ltd. and the Cambridge Graphene Centre will lead ‘CHARM’ project, recently awarded with €3.2 million

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