A mental health crisis is looming, affecting individuals, communities and economies worldwide. Cambridge researchers are advancing understanding of mental illness and wellbeing – and putting this into practice.

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KPMG and the University of Cambridge unveil new partnership to reimagine the world of work, starting with mental wellbeing

21 Jun 2022

New five-year partnership on the ‘Future of Work’ will examine the big issues affecting the modern workforce and offer practical, research-backed...

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'Reductive' models of wellbeing education risk failing children, researchers warn

21 Jun 2022

An improved vision for wellbeing education should replace the over-simplistic approaches currently employed in many schools, such as happiness...

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Pre-school play with friends lowers risk of mental health problems later

14 Jun 2022

Children who learn to play well with others at pre-school age tend to enjoy better mental health as they get older, new research shows. The findings...

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The psychiatrist who faced a dilemma but couldn’t turn his back on his people

23 May 2022

Children in West Africa with cognitive difficulties are going undiagnosed because the tests used to assess their mental health are based on Western...

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Remote working is a ‘mixed bag’ for employee wellbeing and productivity, study finds

22 Apr 2022

Adapting remote and hybrid work policies to employees’ specific work-life situations can result in increased well-being and productivity, but many...

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Scientists find that the impact of social media on wellbeing varies across adolescence

28 Mar 2022

Girls and boys might be more vulnerable to the negative effects of social media use at different times during their adolescence, say an international...

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One in three young people say they felt happier during lockdown

22 Feb 2022

One in three young people say their mental health and wellbeing improved during COVID-19 lockdown measures, with potential contributing factors...

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Industry funding potentially compromising gambling addiction research, say experts

15 Feb 2022

Too little research is being conducted into problem gambling – and what research there is, is often funded by the gambling industry rather than by...

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Study reveals high rate of possible undiagnosed autism in people who died by suicide

15 Feb 2022

A significant number of people who died by suicide were likely autistic, but undiagnosed, according to new research that highlights the urgent need...

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Clues to treatment of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder found in recently evolved region of the ‘dark genome’

23 Dec 2021

Scientists investigating the DNA outside our genes - the ‘dark genome’ - have discovered recently evolved regions that code for proteins associated...

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Large-scale genetic study reveals new clues for the shared origins of irritable bowel syndrome and mental health disorders

05 Nov 2021

An international study of more than 50,000 people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) has revealed that IBS symptoms may be caused by the same...

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A mental health revolution

07 Oct 2021

Cambridge-led computerised cognitive assessments transform early detection and treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders.

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