The importance of language is hard to overestimate, yet few of us are aware of the sheer breadth and diversity of language research.

Cambridge app maps decline in regional diversity of English dialects

26 May 2016

Regional diversity in dialect words and pronunciations could be diminishing as much of England falls more in line with how English is spoken in...

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Urgent action needed to close UK languages gap

24 May 2016

The UK Government needs to urgently adopt a new, comprehensive languages strategy if it is to keep pace with its international competitors and...

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Opinion: Speaking dialects trains the brain as well as bilingualism does

23 May 2016

Napoleon Katsos (Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics) discusses why speakers of two dialects may share cognitive advantage with...

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Ageing affects test-taking, not language, study shows

12 May 2016

The ability to understand language could be much better preserved into old age than previously thought, according to researchers from the...

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Speakers of two dialects may share cognitive advantage with speakers of two languages

27 April 2016

The ability of children to speak any two dialects – two closely related varieties of the same language – may confer the same cognitive advantages...

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Cambridge to explore benefits of multilingualism with new AHRC research project

22 March 2016

The University of Cambridge is to launch a major new research project to study the benefits of multilingualism to individuals and society, and...

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AI crossword-solving application could make machines better at understanding language

07 March 2016

A web-based machine language system solves crossword puzzles far better than commercially-available products, and may help machines better...

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“Never was so much owed by so many to so few”: Could phrases like this hold clues about universal grammar?

16 December 2015

A new research project examining a linguistic construction called the Verb Second constraint could, academics believe, help to explain how people...

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Computer tutor

17 June 2015

Millions of English language tests are taken each year by non-native English speakers. Researchers at Cambridge’s ALTA Institute are building ‘...

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