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Hydrogel technology may reduce the need for injections

New technology delivers sustained release of drugs for up to six months

15 August 2012

A new technology which delivers sustained release of therapeutics for up to six months could be used in conditions which require routine...

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Frugal innovation

17 May 2012

Co-author of recently published book 'Jugaad Innovation', Professor Jaideep Prabhu argues that a frugal and flexible approach to innovation can...

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Call of the wired

27 April 2012

For generations, we have dreamed of machines with artificial intelligence with which we can have real conversations but, despite amazing...

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The gas flare at the Jurong Island oil refineries, Singapore.

Cambridge announces Centre for Carbon Reduction in Chemical Technology in Singapore

21 March 2012

The University of Cambridge and National Research Foundation, Singapore, have today announced plans for a collaborative research centre,...

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A forest

Use a laser, save a tree

14 March 2012

Laser un-printers that can remove toner from scrap paper so that it can be used again may be coming to an office near you in the future, results...

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Hauser Forum

Cambridge Enterprise announces 2011 results

20 December 2011

Income generated from the University of Cambridge’s commercialisation activities continued to rise in 2011, as did the number of intellectual...

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Dr Tony Raven

New Chief Executive at Cambridge Enterprise

02 November 2011

The University of Cambridge has announced the appointment of Dr Tony Raven as the new Chief Executive of Cambridge Enterprise, effective December...

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Dr Louise Allen

Researchers develop new test for children with vision loss

11 October 2011

Technology developed at the University of Cambridge to detect peripheral visual field loss in young children will enable the earlier detection of...

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Twitter networks.

Unsociable networks

18 August 2011

Silicon Valley-style tech clusters don’t just make social networks – they are also supposed to thrive on them. A new study by a University of...

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