How research partnerships are offering innovative approaches to make the most of the region’s assets and tackle its more pressing challenges

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Releasing the imagination: the University of Cambridge Primary School

02 Nov 2018

More than just an outstanding Ofsted rating sets the University of Cambridge Primary School apart: it places research at its heart, informing...

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Trumpington Cross goes on display for the first time

01 Feb 2018

Extremely rare, early Christian gold cross, gifted to Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

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The social enterprise greenhouse that helps businesses bloom

30 Oct 2017

When it comes to starting social enterprises, Paul Tracey and Neil Stott would love "to see a thousand flowers bloom". But doing good for society isn...

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Casting light on the dark ages: Anglo-Saxon fenland is re-imagined

21 Jul 2017

What was life in the fens like in the period known as the dark ages? Archaeologist Susan Oosthuizen revisits the history of an iconic wetland in the...

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Major funding for new crop sciences research centre that will be ‘centrepiece’ of industrial collaboration

10 Jul 2017

Over £30m has been announced for a new Cambridge Centre for Crop Science that will focus on linking with farming and food industries to translate...

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Brexit: people are angry but looking for compromise, research finds

22 May 2017

Researchers engaged with people across the East of England and found anxiety and resentment, as well as a broad consensus that the UK should remain...

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A University of Cambridge outreach session in Chatteris, Cambridgeshire.

Widening participation in higher education in East Anglia

08 Dec 2016

From January 2017, East Anglia’s five Higher Education Institutions, working in close partnership with the region’s Further Education Colleges and...

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Inability to safely store fat increases risk of diabetes and heart disease

14 Nov 2016

A large-scale genetic study has provided strong evidence that the development of insulin resistance – a risk factor for type 2 diabetes and heart...

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Vaccination uptake among Traveller communities significantly lower than in general population

19 Sep 2016

Traveller communities have significantly lower uptake of vaccinations compared to the general population, suggesting that more work needs to be done...

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Latest archaeological finds at Must Farm provide a vivid picture of everyday life in the Bronze Age

14 Jul 2016

Excavation of a site in the Cambridgeshire fens reveals a Bronze Age settlement with connections far beyond its watery location. Over the past ten...

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Policing: two officers ‘on the beat’ prevent 86 assaults and save thousands in prison costs

14 Jun 2016

The results of a major criminology experiment in Peterborough suggest that investing in proactive PCSO foot patrols targeting crime ‘hot spots’ could...

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Bronze Age stilt houses unearthed in East Anglian Fens

12 Jan 2016

Large circular wooden houses built on stilts collapsed in a dramatic fire 3,000 years ago and plunged into a river, preserving their contents in...

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