Digital technologies are opening up new fields of study and generating research questions that breach traditional disciplinary boundaries.

The virtual Chopin

01 Mar 2013

One of the greatest composers of the 19th century, Fryderyk Chopin, had an irrepressible creative imagination, and his music experienced continual...

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Science illuminating art

12 Oct 2012

Illuminated manuscripts are revealing their secret histories thanks to the application of techniques more commonly found in scientific laboratories.

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Isaac Newton's 'Waste Book'

University Library project helps preserve digital legacies

31 Jul 2012

'Store it safely', 'Explain it', 'Share it' and 'Start early' – four key signposts to follow for successfully managing and preserving your digital...

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Rock art site and digital visualisation

Bronze Age Facebook

18 May 2012

Large clusters of rock art spanning thousands of years but located at the same site may hold key to detecting massive cultural changes in prehistoric...

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Digitised versions of the title page from Newton’s own copy of Principia

Cambridge gives Newton papers to the world

12 Dec 2011

Isaac Newton’s annotated copy of his Principia Mathematica is among his notebooks and manuscripts being made available online by Cambridge University...

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Sanskrit manuscript dating from 997 AD

Powerful words

09 Nov 2011

Ancient manuscripts that hold important clues to India’s intellectual and religious traditions will be the focus of a new study.

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A painting thought to be of Simon Forman

Magic and medicine

27 Sep 2011

A digital resource dedicated to Simon Forman, the notorious, self-styled astrologer-physician, later dubbed the 'Elizabethan Pepys', has been...

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Digital news.

Media models for the digital age

06 Sep 2011

The headlines don’t look too good for newspapers. With falling readership and growing competition from the Internet, newspapers are questioning how...

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Books from Darwin's personal library

Darwin’s personal library put online

23 Jun 2011

Notes and comments scribbled by Charles Darwin on the pages and margins of his own personal library have been made available online for the first...

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Letters exchanged by Darwin with his close friend Joseph Hooker, Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew; the letter from Darwin was written shortly after the completion of On the Origin of Species in 1859

Red letter day for Darwin Correspondence Project

04 May 2011

The project mapping Charles Darwin’s life and work in the 15,000 letters he wrote or received during his extraordinary lifetime will be completed...

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Still from the film Cave of Forgotten Dreams

32,000 years of special effects

01 Apr 2011

The only Briton to have entered the spectacular cave featured in Werner Herzog’s new documentary explains how rock-art was just one element of multi-...

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Pliegos sueltos Diego Corrientes (S743.1.c.8.2)

Read all about it!

08 Mar 2011

A new study of wrongdoing and its cultures in Spain from 1800 to 1936 will explore the fascination of popular versions of crime and other...

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