AI systems might help solve some of the greatest challenges we face. How do we maximise the promise and prepare for this future?

On the origin of (robot) species

12 Aug 2015

Researchers have observed the process of evolution by natural selection at work in robots, by constructing a ‘mother’ robot that can design, build...

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Let’s get statted

03 Jun 2015

With more information than ever at our fingertips, statisticians are vital to innumerable fields and industries. Welcome to the world of the datarati...

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Artificially-intelligent Robot Scientist ‘Eve’ could boost search for new drugs

04 Feb 2015

Eve, an artificially-intelligent ‘robot scientist’ could make drug discovery faster and much cheaper, say researchers writing in the Royal Society...

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Computers using digital footprints are better judges of personality than friends and family

12 Jan 2015

Researchers have found that, based on enough Facebook Likes, computers can judge your personality traits better than your friends, family and even...

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Professor Steve Young

Speech recognition pioneer honoured

06 Aug 2014

Cambridge academic's pioneering speech technology work recognised.

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We ask the experts: will robots take over the world?

19 Jul 2013

Robots can do a lot for us: they can explore space or they can cut our toenails. But do advances in robotics and artificial intelligence hold hidden...

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Humanity's last invention and our uncertain future

25 Nov 2012

A philosopher, a scientist and a software engineer have come together to propose a new centre at Cambridge to address developments in human...

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Call of the wired

27 Apr 2012

For generations, we have dreamed of machines with artificial intelligence with which we can have real conversations but, despite amazing...

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How to Engineer Intelligence takes place at Cambridge Science Festival on March 20, 2012

How to engineer intelligence

19 Mar 2012

“Do we actually want machines to interact with humans in an emotional way? Will it be possible for them to interact with us?”

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New Face

The new face of human–computer interactions

18 Mar 2011

Cambridge computer scientists are building computers that read minds – and robots and avatars that express emotion.

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Rusty C3PO

Robot scientist becomes first machine to discover new scientific knowledge

02 Apr 2009

Scientists from the University of Cambridge and Aberystwyth University have created a "robot scientist" which the researchers believe is the first...

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Dr Mate Lengyel 'in search of lost memories'

In search of lost memories

01 Feb 2008

‘I raised to my lips a spoonful of the tea in which I had soaked a morsel of the cake. […] And suddenly the memory returns.’ À la Recherche du Temps...

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