Mistletoe and (a large) wine: seven-fold increase in wine glass size over 300 years

14 Dec 2017

Our Georgian and Victorian ancestors probably celebrated Christmas with more modest wine consumption than we do today – if the size of their wine glasses are anything to go by. Researchers at the University of Cambridge have found that the capacity of wine glasses has increased seven-fold over the past 300 years, and most steeply in the last two decades as wine consumption rose.

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Larger wine glasses may lead people to drink more

07 Jun 2016

Selling wine in larger wine glasses may encourage people to drink more, even when the amount of wine remains the same, suggests new research from the University of Cambridge. In a study published today in the journal BMC Public Health, researchers found that increasing the size of wine glasses led to an almost 10% increase in wine sales.

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Investing from the heart

23 May 2014

Cars, art, wine and watches: emotional assets are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional investments. But while the returns may be good, it is not without its challenges.

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Pouring red wine into a glass

Wined and defined

28 May 2012

At a lecture tomorrow, Professor Steven Shapin will decant some of the terminology of wine-tasting and look at the ways in which our relationship with wine reflects the way we live and how this has shifted over time. The talk at CRASSH is free and open to all.

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