The meaning of emoticons

13 Oct 2011

The emoticons used on Twitter are a language in themselves and are taking on new and often surprising meanings of their own, according to new research.

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Search and rescue

Tweeting disasters

12 Oct 2011

Social networks like Twitter cannot help prevent disasters, but can quickly correct misinformation resulting from false rumours preventing possible further loss of lives, a leading researcher will tell a public debate on 25th October at the Cambridge Festival of Ideas.

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Ernest Tubb Record Shop sign

Come here often?

04 Aug 2011

A new way of predicting which people may become friends on social networks - based on the type of places they visit - has been formulated by University of Cambridge researchers.

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#twitterbrain network image

Neuro-tweets: #hashtagging the brain

06 May 2011

We like to think the human brain is special, something different from other brains and information processing systems, but a Cambridge professor set out to test that assumption – by conducting a live experiment using Twitter.

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