Time travelling to the mother tongue

19 Jul 2016

he sounds of languages that died thousands of years ago have been brought to life again through technology that uses statistics in a revolutionary new way.

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Launch event

Cambridge Language Sciences launched

15 May 2012

The University launched its new Strategic Initiative in Language Sciences at a special one-day conference at Newnham College on 12 May, attended by over 90 delegates.

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Call of the wired

27 Apr 2012

For generations, we have dreamed of machines with artificial intelligence with which we can have real conversations but, despite amazing technological advances, such devices seem some way off. Now researchers at Cambridge are changing the picture, by remodelling the essence of spoken dialogue systems.

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Functional neuroimaging of the human brain

The communicative brain

29 Nov 2011

What is it about the human brain that makes language possible? Two evolutionary systems working together, say neuroscientists Professor William Marslen-Wilson and Professor Lorraine Tyler.

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Music in action

Music – or language in action?

24 Nov 2011

Music is more than just sound. Sharing many features with language, it has all the hallmarks of a communicative system, as Cambridge researchers are showing.

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The Politics of Speechmaking at the Festival of Ideas

The politics of speechmaking

24 Oct 2011

Modern politicians are too stuck in a 24/7 media bubble to make the kind of grand speeches associated with past leaders, a debate on political rhetoric at the Cambridge Festival of Ideas heard last week.

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