Image taken in stratosphere using Android phone, from previous CUSF project ‘Squirrel 3’ which used smartphone to pilot high-altitude balloon

Your chance to ‘scream in space’ using smartphone technology

25 Oct 2012

Cambridge students will be loading human screams onto a smartphone that will be blasted into outer space later this year. The public are invited to submit their screams, which will be emitted while in orbit at the same time as the phone records - to test if it’s possible to capture the sound of screaming in space.

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EX-TRA-PO-LATE! Moral philosophy and the Daleks

19 Apr 2011

They’ve had viewers cowering behind the sofa since ‘Doctor Who’ began – but what exactly is it that makes people so frightened of the Daleks? A new study by a Cambridge researcher claims to have the answer.

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