A tale of 38 teapots: an intimate portrait of 18th-century sociability

20 Oct 2014

At a seminar tomorrow (22 October 2014) archaeologist Craig Cessford will talk about the challenges of working on ‘clearance deposits’. He will use, as one of his examples, the recent excavation of a site in historic Cambridge that yielded a cache of teapots, and other items, that had lain undisturbed for more than 200 years.

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Crime and punishment: a 19th-century love affair

30 Apr 2013

The violence of everyday life in 19th-century Europe – including murder most foul, handsome bandits, wicked women and huge crowds at executions – is being revealed in all its bloody detail by Cambridge University Library.

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Gurkha recruits awaiting inspection c.1950. The never-before-seen footage has been released to mark the launch of the Amateur Cinema Studies Network, http://amateurcinemastudies.org.

Candid camera

19 Jun 2012

After years of being overlooked as a film genre, amateur cinema is finally being recognised by academics as a form that merits serious study in its own right, offering a surprisingly candid eye on people and the past. Now a new research network will, for the first time, bring their work together in one place.

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Ned Ludd

Rage against the machine

11 Apr 2012

April 2012 marks the bicentenary of the high-water mark of the Luddite rebellion – but new research suggests that the movement may be celebrated for the wrong reasons.

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Dr Lucy Delap

Downton Abbey: a national love affair?

15 Sep 2011

As the much-lauded Downton Abbey returns to our screens this Sunday, social historian Dr Lucy Delap sets the gripping fictional drama of the English country house within the context of a much more gritty and complex reality of domestic service in the 20th century.

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Fair Wagon

The 800-year-old story of Stourbridge Fair

08 Sep 2011

In medieval times Stourbridge Common was the site of one of Europe’s largest fairs – a bustling centre for shopping, eating and revelry, offering temptations of every kind. An Open Cambridge event on Saturday 10 September will tell the fascinating 800-year-old story of Stourbridge Fair.

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Advertisement from Daily Mail Ideal Labour-Saving Home, 1920

Who mops the floor now? How domestic service shaped 20th-century Britain

28 Jul 2011

From the fictional Downton Abbey to the modest suburban semi, domestic service has had a prominent role in the story, whether real or imagined, of British society over the past 100 years. In Knowing Their Place: Domestic Service in Twentieth-Century Britain, Cambridge historian Dr Lucy Delap navigates the shifting drama played out in that most intimate and domestic workplace: the home.

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