Confocal image of zebrafish retina

How the brain is made

24 Sep 2012

By combining advanced imaging with powerful genetic labelling techniques, Professor Bill Harris has imaged the entire process of retinal development in four dimensions, providing new insights into the enormous complexity of the nervous system.

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Secret to night vision found

17 Apr 2009

The night vision abilities of nocturnal animals such as mice is down to the unconventional way that DNA is packaged within the nuclei of specialised cells responsible for low light vision, say Cambridge University researchers.

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Fiber Optics

Guiding the light

01 Sep 2007

Pioneering research shines new light on our understanding of the way we see the world. Optical fibres have now been found to exist in vertebrate eyes, channelling light down their length and delivering it without distortion straight to the cells that ‘see’.

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