Voters at the southern Sudan referendum

Research on the front line

11 Mar 2011

An ambitious project with global reach seeks to address the most difficult and persistent internal conflicts – struggles for ethnic identity and national self-determination – as its Director Professor Marc Weller describes.

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European Parliament Brussels

Fair representation in Europe?

11 Mar 2011

Until now, seats in the European Parliament have been allocated by political bargaining. A fairer way has been devised by an international panel of mathematicians, as described in a report released by the University of Cambridge this week.

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World Health Assembly - Panel on H1N1

New kids on the block

08 Jul 2010

The negotiating styles of the world’s biggest rising powers – China, India and Brazil – could offer important clues about any future challenge they may pose to international stability, a new study suggests.

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UN Geneva

When the talking stops

22 Jun 2010

From the collapse of the Doha Development Agenda to the ongoing impasse over climate change, the failure of governments to achieve real progress at the international negotiating table happens with depressing regularity.

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Chicago Skyline

An American Tale

31 May 2010

David Reynolds' attempt to tell the history of America in 90 episodes in the landmark Radio 4 series, "America, Empire Of Liberty" set Cambridge's Professor of International History all sorts of interesting challenges. As he revealed to his audience at Hay, it also forced him to adopt a refreshingly story-based approach to one of history's most epic tales.

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Power to the people?

26 May 2010

Greece was the birthplace of democracy, but our own political system would be unrecognisable to voters in Ancient Athens. As Classicist Paul Cartledge explains, however, that doesn’t mean that our ancient forbears have left us with nothing to learn.

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Free TV Texture

Watching religiously

20 May 2010

A new survey of the boom in religious broadcasting in the Middle East reveals how the small screen is becoming an increasingly important battlefield in the struggle for people's hearts and minds.

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1984 Port Talbot Miners Strike

Brave New World?

17 Sep 2009

British trade unionism was not undermined by Margaret Thatcher, but by the dawn of a new, brutally competitive age that weakened it dramatically in the private sector, a major new analysis claims.

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