Music in the tree of life

Music in the tree of life

18 Mar 2015

Modern scientific methods for mapping the evolution of species are being applied to centuries-old hand-copied music, providing new inspiration for how it is performed.

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Enter Zahhák, Dragon King of Persia

25 Oct 2013

To be performed in Cambridge on Monday 28 October Zahhák, Dragon King of Persia is the retelling of a myth taken from the Shahnama or ‘Book of Kings’. A story of greed and corruption, it will confront the audience with the ultimate political dilemma.

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Music in the making

01 Oct 2013

An investigation into how musicians find creative inspiration has identified four key ingredients needed for creative expression. It also shows that musicians may be at their most inspired when they step away from their instruments and think about music in different ways.

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Can you put a price on health?

23 May 2013

As health services strive to improve quality and reduce costs, researchers study the benefits – and the pitfalls – of ‘pay for performance’ in hospitals.

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The first book of fashion

01 May 2013

Fashion conveys complex messages. The recreation of an outfit taken from one of an extraordinary series of Renaissance portraits reveals how one man made his mark on society. 

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Acts of creativity, audiences and us

05 Mar 2013

A conference in Cambridge next month will explore the notion of performance as a dynamic means of looking at the complex interactions between works of art and audiences -  both real and imagined, past and present - in a digital age.

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Tapping Away

Two-step, nerve-tap, tanglefoot

05 Nov 2012

On 6 November Professor Steven Connor will give a talk at the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities on the affinity between tap dance and sound cinema, interspersing his discussion with clips from Hollywood musicals. It’s all to do with sound, movement and counting.

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