Cooperative communities emerge in transparent social networks

09 Mar 2015

An online experiment reveals that the overall level of cooperation in a group almost doubles when the previous actions of all its members are rendered transparent. When all social connections within the group are also made transparent, the most cooperative band together to form their own community – ostracizing the less cooperative.

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Home from home: minor moves make major differences

26 Feb 2014

Most of the moves we make are within 5 km of our previous addresses, yet these short migrations are highly significant within individual lives. New research is looking at the links between residential mobility, life events and exchanges of social support within families.

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Online privacy

Privacy by design

18 Oct 2012

New research aims to ensure that we can exploit the full benefits of the digital world and still protect our online privacy.

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Car manufacturing

Crash, crisis, calamity: system shock in a globalised world

01 Oct 2012

Threats that cause supply chains and other networks to break down can cascade through today’s interconnected world of social, economic and financial interaction. New research is redefining this global risk to help businesses and governments build resilience.

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Time-ordered graph

How quickly things spread

20 Feb 2012

Understanding the spread of infectious diseases in populations is the key to controlling them. If the UK was facing a flu pandemic, how could we measure where the greatest spreading risk comes from? This information could help inform decisions on whether to impose travel restrictions or close schools.

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