Where the river meets the sea: the making of ethical decisions

10 Aug 2016

What is our place in the natural world – and how do we feel about the scientific advances that are changing the way we live? In her book Making a Good Life, Dr Katharine Dow explores the ethics of assisted reproductive technology in conversations with members of a small Scottish community dedicated to protecting the environment.

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Nan Shepherd celebrated: the Scottish writer who knew mountains

04 May 2016

The writer Nan Shepherd (1893-1981), who was quietly acclaimed in her lifetime, is the face of a new Royal Bank of Scotland bank note. One of Shepherd’s staunchest supporters is Robert Macfarlane (Faculty of English), who wrote the introduction to her book about the Cairngorms.

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World’s protected natural areas receive eight billion visits a year

24 Feb 2015

Researchers say that the first study to attempt to gauge global visitation figures for protected areas reveals nature-based tourism has an economic value of hundreds of billions of dollars annually, and call for much greater investment in the conservation of protected areas in line with the values they sustain – both economically and ecologically.

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Putting a price on our future

07 Oct 2013

Helping big businesses consider their impact on the environment is leading to a re-evaluation of activities to combine profitability with sustainability.

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Crummock Water, Cumbria

Landscape, literature, life

29 Feb 2012

Over the past few years, the genre of ‘nature writing’ has seen a new sense of urgency, fostered by a growing awareness of a natural world under pressure. Dr Robert Macfarlane, from the Faculty of English, believes that writers have played, and continue to play, a central role in conservation by engaging our hearts and our minds.

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Dr Robert Macfarlane

Life extinguished, life rekindled

27 Jan 2012

This year’s Darwin Lectures address the theme of life. Tonight’s speaker, Cambridge academic Dr Robert Macfarlane, will discuss “Life in Ruins” in art and literature. He will begin with a thought experiment, described below, and go on to explore the roles that ruins play in our hopes and fears.

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