Talk with Your Hands: a Cambridge Shorts film

18 Nov 2016

The capacity for language is what sets us apart from other animals. Talk with Your Hands, the third of four Cambridge Shorts films, explores the richness of sensory perception in interviews with blind and deaf people together with insights from neuroscientists.  

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Computer tutor

17 Jun 2015

Millions of English language tests are taken each year by non-native English speakers. Researchers at Cambridge’s ALTA Institute are building ‘computer tutors’ to help learners prepare for the exam that could change their lives. 

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It's a rude gesture in the UK; in this French poster it advertises two pairs of sunglasses for the price of one

Rude, moi?

01 Nov 2012

The French and British are historic foes. The wars may be over but the rivalry continues. Tomorrow (2 November) Christophe Gagne from the French Department will discuss our contrasting communication styles.

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