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The future of books

01 Jan 2010

The book publishing industry has gone through more change during the past few decades than in any comparable period in its 500-year history. Professor John Thompson examines this change and asks what impact it will have on the future of books.

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Secrets of the inerter revealed

19 Aug 2008

A Cambridge University invention which was kept a closely-guarded secret because of the hidden advantage it offered to a Formula 1 racing team is finally being made available for widespread use.

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Dr Chris Smith

Dr Chris Smith

01 Apr 2007

Public engagement with science is top of Dr Chris Smith's agenda. His trailblazing approach to making scientific issues interesting, interactive and informative to the general public has gained recognition within the University of Cambridge and beyond.

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Virtually family: an anthropological knowledge of the broadband internet

01 Oct 2006

The explosion of the broadband internet is allowing anthropologists to carry out research into virtual, as well as real communities. Xiaoxiao Yan, based in the Department of Social Anthropology at Cambridge, has a longstanding interest in the relationship between culture and technology and has been investigating the impact of broadband technology since 2002.

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Naked Scientists science radio show goes platinum

10 Aug 2006

The ‘Naked Scientists’ do not warrant the alarming image that they inspire. It’s actually an interactive science radio show produced at the University of Cambridge and broadcast by the BBC, which has recently achieved the notable feat of 2 million podcast downloads in the last 12 months, making it one of the world’s most downloaded science programmes.

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