Car manufacturing

Crash, crisis, calamity: system shock in a globalised world

01 Oct 2012

Threats that cause supply chains and other networks to break down can cascade through today’s interconnected world of social, economic and financial interaction. New research is redefining this global risk to help businesses and governments build resilience.

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Ned Ludd

Rage against the machine

11 Apr 2012

April 2012 marks the bicentenary of the high-water mark of the Luddite rebellion – but new research suggests that the movement may be celebrated for the wrong reasons.

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Slovak privatisation voucher.

A policy of mass destruction

29 Mar 2012

A new study reveals how a radical economic policy devised by western economists put former Soviet states on a road to bankruptcy and corruption.

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Six steps to a better material world

30 Nov 2011

Every year we make 10 times our own bodyweight of steel, aluminium, cement, plastics and paper, for every person alive, using a fifth of all the world’s energy supply to do so. Now researchers are releasing a manifesto to change that and help cut carbon emissions. And they’ve also released an album of songs to go with it.

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TUC Demonstration

The State of the Unions

11 Nov 2011

Don’t write off the unions yet – a new study reveals how trade unions are adapting to 21st century pressures in an effort to reclaim the hearts and minds of the British workforce.

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Connecting science and policy

01 Nov 2010

Dr Chris Tyler, Executive Director of Cambridge’s Centre for Science and Policy, explains how and why the Centre is helping the best scientific thinking to inform public policy.

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