A real piece of work

16 Jun 2015

In 2003, researchers embarked on a project to piece together a picture of changes in British working life over the course of 600 years. The emerging results seem to demand a rewrite of the most important chapter in our social and economic history.

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Ned Ludd

Rage against the machine

11 Apr 2012

April 2012 marks the bicentenary of the high-water mark of the Luddite rebellion – but new research suggests that the movement may be celebrated for the wrong reasons.

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Marriage inventory, Württemberg, 1682

300 years of list-making

20 May 2011

Personal inventories spanning three centuries are helping researchers unlock the mysteries of how economies edge towards growth and prosperity.

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South Pond Pavilion at Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo

Sustainability revolution

17 Dec 2010

A sustainability revolution could follow the agricultural, industrial and digital revolutions, according to speakers at a discussion hosted by These Young Minds.

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