Globe c. 1907

The world inside a Spanish globe

28 Dec 2012

Study of a mysterious 100-year-old interactive toy – perhaps the Wikipedia of its day – is painting a vivid picture of Spain’s path into the modern world.

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Circling the heavens: visual culture and the bird of paradise

24 Nov 2012

As voyages of exploration opened up the world from the 15th century onwards, European culture delighted in encounters with exotic items. Dr José Ramón Marcaida, a visiting scholar at Cambridge University, shows how portrayals of the spectacular bird of paradise reflect the intersection between art and science.

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Hannah Newton.

A spoonful of sugar or a bitter blocker?

06 Feb 2012

Dr Hannah Newton, an historian of science with an interest in how previous generations coped with childhood illness, digs up some 17th century tips for making medicine taste better and finds evidence for common sense and compassion among the doctors of the day.

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A painting thought to be of Simon Forman

Magic and medicine

27 Sep 2011

A digital resource dedicated to Simon Forman, the notorious, self-styled astrologer-physician, later dubbed the 'Elizabethan Pepys', has been launched to mark the 400th anniversary of his death.

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