Ronald Balfour: Cambridge’s own ‘monuments man’

10 Mar 2014

The ‘monuments men’ were a multinational unit of the Allied Forces who operated behind enemy lines during the Second World War to safeguard artistic and cultural treasures. Among them was historian Ronald Balfour, Fellow of King’s College, who lost his life 69 years ago.

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We ask the experts: why do we put things into museums?

26 Nov 2013

Our lives are bound up with objects. Museums are evidence of our deep preoccupation with the things that surround us, whether natural or the product of human endeavour. Why do we keep stuff, what do we learn from it – and what does our fascination for objects from our past tell us about being human today?

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Open Cambridge 2013

27 Aug 2013

Open Cambridge (13-15 September) is a chance to explore Cambridge’s heritage through a series of interactive events.  Many of these events are family friendly and almost all are free.  Places are still available for some activities, while others are run on a drop-in basis.

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Christos Tsirogiannis

The dark side of the art world

20 Mar 2012

Looting of antiquities from archaeological sites is a serious crime. A fully-booked talk at Cambridge Science Festival on Thursday will unearth some of the dirty secrets of the illicit trade in precious objects and ask tricky questions about the relationships between looters, dealers and museums.

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Leper Chapel

Old meets new at 800-year old Leper Chapel

07 Mar 2012

There are 21st century ideas in prospect for the 800 year old Leper Chapel in East Cambridge following a unique collaboration between Cambridge Past, Present and Future, and an Architecture student at the University of Cambridge.

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