The last Muslim King in Spain

18 May 2017

The history, myths and legends surrounding the last Muslim ruler in Spain – whose surrender ended seven centuries of Islam at the heart of Western Europe – is the subject of a new book and Hay Festival appearance by Cambridge academic Elizabeth Drayson.

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Cambridge heads for Hay

10 Apr 2014

A host of Cambridge academics, including Nobel Laureate Sir John Gurdon, will be speaking on subjects ranging from stem cell technology and Alzheimer’s to the future of North Korea and the history of conspiracy theories at this year’s Hay Festival.

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Catch some Hay fever online

04 Jun 2013

Eight of the talks from the Cambridge Series from this year’s Hay Festival are now available for users to stream or download online.

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Hay Festival

Live performance

08 Jun 2012

Jennifer Wallace took part in the Cambridge series at this year's Hay Festival and spoke on a panel on whether tragedy is the perfect form for the modern world. She gives her impressions of the event and of the Festival itself.

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Reinventing tragedy in the modern age

09 May 2012

Is tragedy the perfect dramatic form for our current predicament? Or has the classic idea of catharsis through viewing the suffering of others become much more problematic in an age of 24/7 news and the internet? An event at this year's Hay Festival will investigate.

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Hay gears up for Greek marathon

23 Apr 2012

Following a successful talk at Hay in 2010, Professor Paul Cartledge will be playing a major part in a series of 10 discussions on Ancient Greece at this year's festival, alongside Cambridge's own regular programme.

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The Old Bailey

Angels and Demons

02 Jun 2011

No country's legal system is made with children in mind, but that has not stopped large numbers of children from becoming involved with it. Last year alone, an astonishing 50,000 children testified in UK courts for one reason or another. Yet that reason can make a huge difference. Whether they are witnesses or suspected offenders - whether, in fact, the system views them as would-be angels or demons - dramatically affects the manner in which they are treated.

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Space, time and a supper

31 May 2011

With the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, providing one of the star turns on the first day of this year's Hay Festival, God was appropriately never far away from the opening talks in the Cambridge lecture series, either.

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